The Story So Far

So Far...When I first started middle school, the school was so small that we had sports tryouts not to see who could make the team, but instead for the kids to get a chance to see which sport they would enjoy.

I don’t know what made me take a day to try out wrestling, but by the end of practice I remember barely being able to walk. As I sat there panting for breath, the coach talked about how that was “light workout”. I remember looking over at my friend Gus and saying “that was awesome!”

That first year of wrestling, I got pinned in every match.

The second year of wrestling, I lost every match… but not by pin.

My third year of wrestling (and senior year of middle school), I started to win a few, and even came in third in a large tournament we had every year.

By my final year of highschool, I was captain of the team.

Since that time, seeking and overcoming challenges has been one of my core values.

Until recently, I found that challenge by running a business called Self-Made Renegade. I was helping liberal arts graduates and career changers get jobs they thought they had no business getting. I knew otherwise.

Then I had a realization – as much as I felt like I was helping, I wasn’t making a difference at all. For every job I was helping one of my students get, I was taking that same job away from someone equally qualified.

I floundered for awhile, knowing it was time to do something big, but not knowing where I would find that opportunity. I studied obscure business analysis techniques, systems analysis, and decision theory to try to understand how the world worked and how I could impact it.

I looked into education, crowdfunding, and even payments to find an idea that was truly ready to change the world. Then I hit upon Verity, a way to crowdsource absolutely everything. A decentralized application that could commoditize entire industries, provide ways to predict the future, and ultimately change everything.

Since then, I’ve stopped floundering and have move straight back into application. Building a product, building a company, and building a legacy. I can’t wait to see what happens next…