The Most Important Things I Learned in 2016

2016 was a big year. It saw some major changes in my life, as I wound down Self-Made Renegade, searched for a new world changing business, settled on Verity, and built an amazing team.

Here are the most important things I learned:

To Build a Great Team, Articulate a Big Vision

My biggest lesson this year was to not be shy about my vision. In the past, I’ve been a bit shy about sharing my ambitions for fear that they may sound crazy. However, I’ve overcome that block this year, and started to be more real with people about what we’re actually building and how it could actually make a dent in the world. T

his led to going from just me searching for a business model at the beginning of 2016, to a team of 7 world class performers this year, all working for sweat equity because they believe in the vision. This is a large shift for me, and I’m going to work on how I can refine my message and ability to inspire in 2017.

Contingency Trumps Consistency

I used to think of habits as these things that they I needed to do and maintain indefinitely in order to see a benefit from them. However, all habits have both cost and reward, and as life circumstances change, I’ve found that some habits don’t make sense for certain life situations. For instance, why do something that motivates me every day when I’m already motivated?

I’ve started to see a large variety of my so called habits as tools in the toolbox. I can put them in there when they don’t make sense, and pull them out when I need them again. For instance, I stopped reviewing my Anki cards for a number of months when I simply didn’t have the time, then caught up on what I’d missed when I had the time again. I restarted filling out my five minute journal as I started to notice a lack of gratitude in my life. And as I tried to restart these habits, I renewed some Beeminder goals in order to make sure the transition to starting these habits would go smoothly. All these habits are things that I may stop again as life circumstances change, and I’m completely okay with that, rather than feeling guilty.

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