To Fix Education, You Need to Start From Scratch

I’m sick of all these “disruptive education startups” that think that the problem with education is distribution. Taking a broken paradigm and moving it to the internet just means that you’ve found a faster and more global way to screw up younger generations. Sure, access to education is an issue, but it’s like replacing the window of a car when the engine is broken, the door won’t open, and you’re driving on 3 wheels.

To truly create a more effective conception of school, you need to question your most basic assumptions:

  • Are children truly helpless learners who need knowledge force fed to them by adults?
  • What’s the ultimate measure of success of a “school”?
  • Are the only methods of funding a school dependent on government and parents?

I don’t think truly transformational education reform will come from within the system. Not from the government, not from private schools, not from charter schools. ¬†Questioning these basic assumptions is too much of a threat to their existence.

Here I want to write a paragraph about how the next generation of school will be so much more effective than traditional schooling that it can’t be ignored. How sending your child a few hours on weekends could be 10X more effective, and how the entrenched education institutions won’t see it coming. ¬†How creating a highly effective, incredibly fun, and totally optional version of “school” could transform the landscape of education almost unrecognizably in a span of 10 years.

But of course, that would be crazy.

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